WG Repository Audit and Certification DSA–WDS Partnership – P5 Breakout Session

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27 January 2015 1842 reads
Co-chairs: Lesley Rickards, Mary Vardigan
Contact Person: Rorie Edmunds
This Breakout Session will showcase the latest deliverables of the DSA-WDS Partnership WG on Repository Audit and Certification—in particular, the most recent version of the Catalogue of Common Requirements that includes guidance text and a glossary of terminology. It will also dedicate time to moving work forward on formulating the procedures needed to conduct basic certification by gaining community input on some of the more important questions.
Draft Agenda
  1. Overview. A summary of efforts so far.
  2. Common Requirements for basic certification. Brief review of the basic certification requirements developed by the Working Group, singling out Requirements where there was a difference between DSA and WDS, and what has learnt by the two organizations. Focus will also be given to the guidance text: Is this well-defined and comprehensive? Is the language unambiguous and understandable?
  3. Harmonization of assessment procedures. The WG has started to compare and contrast the DSA and WDS approaches to the certification process. There many key issues surrounding the topic of creating a standardized certification framework, one of the most important for the Working Group is how can basic certification be made global? An audience discussion will ask for input on two aspects:
  • Global framework. Basic certification is part of a larger continuum of formal certification schemes that are increasingly comprehensive.
  • Global geographically. Basic certification must account for cultural and linguistic differences. The notion of repository certification is currently dominated by Europe and the USA; for some regions/countries the concept is new, and there can be difficulties in understanding what is required and why.

If time permits, these questions around procedures for basic certification will also be addressed: 

  • Should the basic certification requirements provide a pathway for repository improvement?
  • Should all repositories seeking basic certification use the same online form?
  • What is the optimal schedule for certification renewals? Every two years, three years, longer?
  • How can we establish a pool of qualified reviewers with appropriate disciplinary knowledge?


  • The current working document containing the Common Requirements can be viewed here
  • The draft glossary is available here.
  • The notes from all WG teleconferences can be found here.