WG RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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Meeting title
Scholix: from recommendation to roll-out

Collaborative session notes
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Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Scholix will move from ‘final recommendation’ into ‘maintenance mode’ where we focus on three areas:
- Expanding the communication and clarity on the hubs (currently OpenAire, DataCite, CrossRef, EBI)
- Expanding link contributors (currently mainly repositories; now need to expand to publishers)
- Future expansions

WG goals have mostly been completed, but work still has to continue:
1) [Done] A critical mass of Scholix conformant hubs providing the enabling infrastructure for a global view of data-literature links
2) [Done] Pathfinder services providing aggregations, query services, and analyses
3) [Done] Beneficiaries of these services accessing data-literature link information to add value to scholarly journal sites, data centre portals, research impact services, research discovery services, research management software, etc.
4) [Partial] Operational workflows to populate the infrastructure with data-literature links
5) [Partial] Better understanding of current data-literature interlinking landscape viewed from the perspective of e.g. disciplines, publishers, repositories etc.

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Meeting objectives

Broaden Scholix contributors, and adopters, and to get feedback on the change-management structure

Meeting agenda

Scholix meeting agenda 
1) Recap of Scholix for data literature linking & Scholix Schema
2) WG goals assessment
3) Analysis of current Scholix hub content
4) Process for Scholix maintenance group:
- sustainability approach of integrating all services and community support back into sustainable service providers eg. crossref DataCite Openaire Ebi
- The maintenance function of the WG is to maintain consensus and collaboration among those players


Group chair serving as contact person
Wouter Haak

Type of meeting
Working Meeting