WG RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) - RDA 11th Plenary meeting

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19 December 2017 1220 reads

Meeting title

Scholix is live and in production

Collaborative session notes: 


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

We are proud to announce that the Scholix working group has finalized the Scholix schema and guidelines. 
The goal of the Scholix initiative is to establish a high level interoperability framework for exchanging information about the links between scholarly literature and data. It aims to enable an open information ecosystem to understand systematically what data underpins literature and what literature references data.
The focus of the working group is now shifting from defining the framework to adoption and implementation:
- Expanding the hubs (currently OpenAire, DataCite, CrossRef)
- Expanding services (currently Scopus, OpenAire, Elsevier RDM)
- Expanding link contributors (currently mainly repositories; now need to expand to publishers)

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Meeting objectives

Meeting objective is to broaden Scholix contributors, and adopters, and to get feedback on the change-management structure

Meeting agenda

1. Recap of Scholix for data literature linking – Wouter Haak
2. Scholix schema has been published - Martin Fenner
- Pisa workshop feedback & process to finalize
- simplifications & choices (design decisions)
- Where is it implemented now
- Scholix change management process - draft for discussion
- Ownership of schema beyond lifetime of WG. Proposal
3. Analysis of current ‘uptake’: CrossRef, DataCite, Scholexplorer (Martin, 15 min)
- Visualization of Scholix links (Research Graph, Amir)
- What is fed into the system (Kristian, Crossref, DataCite, EBI)
- How much is it used and by whom (API queries / Scholexplorer) – Paolo Manghi / Sandro
4. Examples of expanding Scholix adoption – Ian Bruno
- CCDC/Elsevier - Ian Bruno & Uwe Schindler
- EBI - Florian Gräf
- Institutional data-article linking discovery - Elena Zudilova
- Deep Carbon Observatory Data Portal-  Mark Parsons
5. Next steps (action plan) – Fiona Murray
- Technical work – Martin Fenner
- Sustainability – group discussion
- Further adoption work
6. Wrap up – Wouter Haak

Target audience: 

Publishers interested in exposing their article-data links more
Data centers / repositories: an update on Scholix services
Funding bodies: tracking research data

Group chair serving as contact person: Wouter Haak

Type of meeting: Working meeting