WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Workflows - P5 meeting session

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28 January 2015 1791 reads
The Publishing Data Workflows Working Group of the Research Data Alliance/World Data System (RDA/WDS) is aiming to provide an analysis of a representative range of existing and emerging workflows and standards for data publishing. That’s how we would like to establish best practices in data publishing. 
Our analysis includes deposit and citation, and we aim to derive lessons learnt which could be used in a wide range of disciplines. It is the intention to enable others to build on current and emerging best practices, e.g. to get started in data publishing or to enhance existing services. Thus, we are establishing reference models and implementations for application in new workflows.
1. Introduction to the working group (Present co-chairs, Amy Hodge, Amy Nurnberger)
2. Force11 data citation implementation group (DCIG) work
3. Standardizing workflow elements - data publication and data citation
Disciplinary perspective, overview
Institutional perspective, overview
Publisher perspective, overview
Elements identification and definition 
Open discussion
Goals: Agreed upon standardized elements in a basic workflow, with variations to enable the sharing of best practices and lessons learnt across disicplinary, regional or insitutional boundaries; registration of elements and attendant definitions in the TeD-T tool http://smw-rda.esc.rzg.mpg.de/index.php/Main_Page 

Contact Person: Amy Nurnberger

Co-chairs: Sunje Dallmeier-Tiessen, Elizabeth Newbold, Theodora Bloom