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03 January 2016 2687 reads

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Date & time: Thursday 3rd March - 11:00 - 12:30 - Working Meeting Session 7
Meeting title: We proudly present: an open, universal literature/data interlinking service
The Publishing Data Services WG will be presenting its main deliverable: a (prototype) universal, open literature-data interlinking service. A collaborative efforts between the various stakeholders in research data publishing, this service collects and exposes links between research data sets and the literature with a view of making data (and articles) better discoverable, place data in context, and help data centers keep track of how their data is used and re-used.

In this session we will demonstrate the system, present our recommendations for a long-term infrastructure and governance model, and discuss current and future adoption of the service.

Some further reading and information is available at:
- RDA WG webpage: https://rd-alliance.org/groups/rdawds-publishing-data-services-wg.html 
- ICSU/WDS WG webpage: https://www.icsu-wds.org/community/working-groups/data-publication/services
- "On Bridging Data Centers and Publishers: The Data-Literature Interlinking Service" (http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-24129-6_28)
- Present deliverables
- Discuss recommendations, adoption, and next steps
Everybody who has an interest in organizing or using links between research data and the literature - including some of the main stakeholders like data centers, publishers, infrastructure providers, funders, etc.
Hylke Koers