WG Data Usage Metrics - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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02 July 2018 1266 reads

Meeting title
WG Data Usage Metrics (Remote Access Instructions)

Meeting room: Okavango 2

Collaborative session notes


Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

Research data is increasingly recognized as an important output of scholarly research, however, there are not yet standardized or comprehensive research data metrics as there are with articles. The “Make Data Count” project hosted a Birds of a Feather at RDA Plenary 10 and recognized that many other groups are working in this space and interested in implementing a standardized set of data usage metrics. Lending expertise from various projects and research stakeholders, this WG, a part of the Publishing Data IG, aims to harness community buy-in of data usage metrics and drive widespread adoption. The first WG meeting focused on an overview of initiatives in the data usage metrics space and spent the majority of the time discussing scope for the WG. Two virtual meetings will have taken place before RDA12 focused on refining scope and defining data usage metrics. The RDA12 session will be centered around building out a library of data usage metrics use cases and related metric types.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

Data Usage Metrics WG Case Statement (https://rd-alliance.org/groups/data-usage-metrics-wg)
RDA11 Plenary Data Usage Metrics WG Notes (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YMJJar7S5zqDxTumCkOcfGVHYPRAqz-Glxl5)
COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data (https://peerj.com/preprints/26505/)

Meeting objectives

Presentation and discussion of data usage metrics WG scope and deliverables
Build community consensus on use cases and priorities for data usage metrics
WG member share-out of initiatives within the space
Roadmap development & consensus on next-steps for adoption of and researcher education on data usage metrics

Meeting agenda

Introductions: WG goals, deliverables, & WG team (10 min)
- Brief overview of work done since RDA11
Ongoing initiative updates
- Make Data Count (10 min)
- Scopus (10 min)
- Open Aire (10 min)
Community discussion on data usage metrics use cases: groupings of use cases, use cases the group may have missed, beginning to think about how the use cases differ in metrics types (30 min)
Next Steps (10 min)
- Work plan for building out recommendation
- Expectations for engagement in driving adoption of data usage metrics


We are looking to engage with those working within the data metrics space, and hoping to receive input from across disciplines and perspectives (from researchers to bibliometricians to publishers to repositories). Participants should familiarize themselves with the COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data as well as the Data Usage Metrics WG Case Statement and goals.

Group chair serving as contact person
Daniella Lowenberg

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

You can also dial in using your phone. 
United States: +1 (786) 535-3219 

Access Code: 954-242-053 

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