WG Agrisemantics RDA 9th Plenary meeting

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11 January 2017 1797 reads

Meeting title

Agrisemantics WG - Landscaping the support of semantics for data interoperability in agriculture

Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group: 

The RDA Agrisemantics WG aims at serving as a community-driven initiative to advance on a shared view on the role of semantics for data sharing and interoperability, especially for data related to agriculture. The Working Group will define a high level view on the use of semantic assets and on the needed infrastructure to achieve better data sharing and interoperability in agriculture.

Additional links to informative material related to the group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc

For furher information regarding the RDA Agrisemantics WG please visit the WG page at: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/agrisemantics-wg.html, as well as the WG Case Statement at: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/agrisemantics-wg/case-statement/rda-ag...

Meeting objectives

The objectives of the meeting are:

1. Introduce the Agrisemantics WG at the RDA Plenary
2. Report on ongoing work on describing the current situation on semantics for data interoperability in agriculture and identify any missing gaps
3. To plan for the next activity of the WG, namely a report consisting of a set of use cases and requirements drawn from discussions engaged with meeting participants.

Meeting agenda

Presentation of Agrisematics WG: Where we are now, where we want to go? (WG Chairs) - 10 minutes
Presentation of the Landscaping Report: Current Status (WG Chairs) - 15 minutes
Discussion to identify gaps to the Landscaping Report (all participants - group work) - 30 minutes
Discussion to identify use cases for the Use Case and Requirements Report (all participants - group work) - 20 minutes 
Summary of the results - 15 minutes


WG members and any other researchers and practitioners involved in the production, use and sharing of agricultural data, and/or dealing with semantic technologies.

Group chairs serving as contacts: Panagiotis Zervas

Type of meeting:Informative meeting

Group maturity: 0-6 months