Webinars - Why Attend RDA 19th Plenary & IDW 2022?

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12 May 2022 755 reads

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'Why Attend RDA 19th Plenary & IDW 2022?' webinar recordings are now available.

RDA Plenary 19 organisers held two forty-five minutes webinars on the 11 May at 06.00 and 16.00 UTC to accommodate as many time zones as possible. The webinars gave a brief introduction on how the RDA and RDA Working and Interest groups work. They covered International Data Week 2022 programme components including Plenary group sessions and the hybrid registration. A general overview of the conference's virtual platform, Whova, was also demonstrated. Information on the webinars can be found here.


The webinar recording is now available

The webinar slides can also be found below