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What happened at the Denver Plenary?

06 October 2016 2616 reads


webinar, related to RDA in general


27th October 2016, 14:00 CET


Hilary Hanahoe, Françoise Genova, Kisun Pokharel 

Aggregating and mapping Metadata - hands-on webinar

06 October 2016 4490 reads

The purpose of this webinar is to familiarise the participants with the aspects of aggregation, a process found in most science and humanities related projects (projects that include some form of data gathering of metadata capture). A metadata aggregation example will be presented, in which a set of XML encoded records will undergo transformation, validation and enrichment.

09 Feb 2016

Extended Report and Preparing for P7

Dear all,


Just some news to get ready for P7 in Tokyo:

(1)  Extended report

We have just uploaded a report containing a more extensive description of the recommendations to provide a bit more back-ground information beyond the 2-page flyer. This report is available in the file repository at: