Webinar: What happened at the Montréal Plenary?

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28 September 2017 3656 reads

Type: Webinar

Date/Time: Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 14:00 CEST / 12:00 UTC

Target audience:

  • anyone interested in hearing what were the main outcomes of the 10th RDA Plenary meeting in Montréal

Pdf presentations:

Dr Ingrid Dillo (pdf)

Dr Francoise Genova (pdf)

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Presenters: Dr Ingrid Dillo, Dr Francoise Genova, PhD student Amy Mizen

Description: The webinar will present the main outcomes from the 10th RDA Plenary meeting held in Montréal, Canada  Dr. Ingrid Dillo will give a presentation titled "What happened at the Montréal Plenary?", and Dr. Francoise Genova will continue with a presentation from the RDA Technical Advisory Board's (TAB) point of view. The webinar will be concluded by PhD student Amy Mizen (CIPHER, Swansea University, UK). She will tell her experiences from the Plenary, presenting one of the RDA supported Early Career scientists.

Dr Ingrid Dillo

Deputy Director, DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services), the Netherlands


Bio: Ingrid Dillo holds a PhD in history. She is a generalist who over the last twenty-five years has mainly been active in the field of policy development. After a period as senior policy researcher at Research voor Beleid in Leiden she worked for many years as a senior policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the National Library of the Netherlands. Ingrid is now deputy director at DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services; www.dans.knaw.nl).

Among her areas of interest are research data management and the certification of digital repositories. Ingrid is a member of the International Board of the Data Seal of Approval (DSA). She is vice chair of the Scientific Committee of the ICSU/World Data System. She is a member of the Technical Advisory Board of Research Data Alliance (RDA) and co-chairs the RDA/WDS Interest Group on Certification of Digital Repositories and the RDA/WDS Cost Recovery for Data Centres Interest Group. She has been an active member of the former RDA/WDS Repository Audit and Certification DSA-WDS Partnership. Ingrid is a member of the Board of Directors of the DRYAD repository. She also participates in the Research Data Expert Group of the Knowledge Exchange.

Dr Francoise Genova

Researcher (Astronomy), Centre de Donnees astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS)


Bio: Francoise Genova has been the director of the Strasbourg astronomical data centre CDS from 1995 to 2015, and one of the founding parents of the astronomical Virtual Observatory project. She has been the coordinator of several European projects dealing with the European Virtual Observatory. She currently leads the "Data Access, Discovery and Interoperability" Work Package of the European ASTERICS astronomy Cluster, which aims at optimizing the usage of the data from the astronomical large projects through the Virtual Observatory.

She was a member of the High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data set up by the European Commission in 2010, and one author of the "Riding the wave" report published in October 2010 and of its follow-up "Data Harvest" report. She is an active member of the RDA, in particular as member of the RDA Technical Advisory Board (co-chair since October 2015), and of the RDA Europe projects. She has been a member of the Data Seal of Approval Board starting 1 January 2016, and has been a member of the WDS Scientific Committee (2009-2015) and of CODATA Executive Committee (2010-2012).

PhD student Amy Mizen

CIPHER, Swansea University, UK

Bio: Amy is a DECIPHer funded PhD student at CIPHER, Swansea University. Beginning in October 2014, her PhD project is investigating the impact of exposure to the retail food environment on child health using GIS and routine linked data. She is about to submit her thesis and will soon begin a Post Doc position at Swansea University investigating whether spending time in parks, woodlands and beaches improves our mental health. Her research interests include accessibility modelling, health geographies, data linkage and OpenSource.


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