Webinar Recordings: RDA For Newcomers, Making the most of P21 [IDW23]

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28 July 2023 1466 reads

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Webinar: RDA For Newcomers - Making the most of the RDA 21st Plenary Meeting and International Data Week, 23-26 October 2023

RDA's 21st Plenary Meeting (P21), as part of International Data Week (IDW), is scheduled as a hybrid event with both virtual and in-person elements between 23-26 October 2023.

The RDA Secretariat provided three webinars with an overview of the Research Data Alliance, promoted the 21st Plenary and the upcoming International Data Week 2023. 

Recordings and the presentation slides are now available.

Presentation slides:

What did the webinar offer?

The fifty-minute-long webinars gave a brief introduction on IDW2023 including the RDA as one of the three founding organisations. The webinars covered:

  • How RDA Working and Interest groups work;
  • IDW2023 programme components including P21 group sessions and how to select sessions of interest;
  • A variety of registration options and social events;
  • A general overview of the conference's virtual platform, Whova;
  • Q&A at the end.

The Research Data Alliance, launched in 2013, is an international, community driven forum for data professionals across the globe to collaborate and develop solutions to enable the open sharing and re-use of data. Plenary meetings are an excellent milestone for interested parties to meet and discuss possible new topics, hold working and interest group meetings, and to showcase the open and accessible achievements and outputs delivered by all the RDA groups. The discussions in RDA plenary meetings continue after the meeting and offer you invaluable benefits to advance your work and connect with peers on an international level.

P21 includes 48 parallel sessions spread across four days during IDW, covering topics such as:

  • FAIR, CARE, TRUST Principles, Adoption, Implementation, and Deployment, 
  • Institutional, Regional or Disciplinary, International Data Infrastructures and Environments
  • Training, Stewardship, and Data Management Planning
  • Semantics, Ontology, and Standardization
  • Data Lifecycles – Versioning, Provenance, Citation, and Reward
  • Discipline Focused Data Sessions

RDA community membership is free for all individuals who wish to join, and all are encouraged to contribute and take advantage of the open outputs.

Webinar speakers

Kathryn Barker, RDA Community Development Manager
Connie Clare, RDA Community Development Manager
Hilary Hanahoe, RDA Secretary General
Irina Hope, RDA Global Event Manager
Najla Rettberg, RDA AISBL, Programme/Project Manager
Bridget Walker,  RDA Operations and Accounts Manager

Previous Plenary Meetings

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