Webinar: RDA ICT Technical Specifications - creating positive impact on research and business

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27 August 2017 1621 reads


Webinar, RDA Recommendations & Outputs

Date/Time: 13 September 2017, 15:00 CEST (rescheduled from the 6th September) 



Join our webinar to learn how a set of RDA recommendations are being integrated by the European Commission to accelerate the move towards data interoperability. 4 RDA recommendations have recently been published as ICT Technical Specifications, and can now be referenced in public procurement. Specifically, the ICT technical specifications allow public authorities to make use of the full range of specifications when buying IT hardware, software and services, fostering competition in the field and reducing the risk of lock-in to proprietary systems and promoting openness and interoperability.


Our webinar will first describe how ICT technical specifications relate to standardisation. The ICT standardisation effort in EU is the cornerstone of the Digital Single Market initiative, ensuring compatibility between systems and guaranteeing the competitiveness and the openness of ICT markets. ICT technical specifications are not referenced as standards, but are an agile tool for the European Commission to address the constantly evolving technology in ICT markets, and to realise its ambitious plans of building the European Open Science Cloud.


Will follow a focus on the 4 RDA recommendations newly published as ICT Technical Specifications. Our webinar will detail how these recommendations can be used by institutions and public organisations to foster data sharing and interoperability.


RDA Europe, the European plug-in to the global RDA, has carried forward the evaluation, approval and publication of the 4 Recommendations as ICT specifications and is currently working on the submission of a new set of 5 Recommendations for this autumn. 


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