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08 Apr 2019

Draft notes from DFT meeting at P13

Some draft notes have been added to the google doc used at the Plenary.

See https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xec9qa7WY6p73Hs3bN8wfGFnOq6Zt4342Vw3ArHZjzE/edit#

People who attended should fill in the sheet and add their notes as requested at the meeting.

There were a few action items on adding terms and explaining the intent of the term tool.

We expect to act on these in the next few weeks,

13 Feb 2018

INSPIRE Best Practices / Guidelines for registers & register federation

Dear colleagues,

I just came across this group and, reading the charter proposal, I think the best practices and guidelines developed for INSPIRE (the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) for registers (= vocabularies), registries (= vocabulary services) and register federation could be useful: https://inspire.ec.europa.eu/id/document/tg/registers-and-register-feder...

19 Jun 2017

Updated charter (proposed)

The Vocabulary and Semantic Services Interest Group (VSSIG) seeks to develop community-based approaches and recommendations to make knowledge organization systems (i.e. controlled vocabularies, ontologies, and their associated services) findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable (FAIR data principles).

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17 May 2017

OGC Hydro Domain Working Group 8th workshop in June 2017

Dear all

The OGC Hydro Domain Working Group (HydroDWG) is having its 8th workshop in Tuscaloosa (National Water Center, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA) early June this year.

We will discuss several topics of high interest to that IG.
The link to the draft agenda and logistics information is here: http://external.opengis.org/twiki_public/HydrologyDWG/WorkshopTuscaloosa...