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Dr Yuri Demchenko

Member since: 07/15/2013 - 11:32
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Big Data, Data Intensive Science, Data Economics, Cloud Computing
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University of Amsterdam
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Yuri Demchenko is a Senior Researcher at the System and Network Engineering of the University of Amsterdam. His main research areas include Big Data Intensive Science Technologies and Infrastructure, Cloud and Intercloud Architecture, general security architectures and distributed access control infrastructure for cloud based services and data centric applications. He is currently involved in the European projects GN3plus and EUBrazil where he conducts research and developments on the cloud federation infrastructure and cloud based scientific infrastructures. His past projects included the major European projects EGEE, Phosphorus, GEYSERS, GEANT3 dealing with the collaborative technologies, Grid Computing and on-demand Network+IT resources provisioning. He is actively contributing to the standardisation activity at OGF, IETF, NIST on defining Big Data Architecture Framework, Intercloud architecture for complex infrastructure services provisioning in clouds. At RDA Yuri is leading initiative to coordinate development of the educational program on Data Science and Data Intensive or Big Data Technologies. He is involved into practical work on developing Data Science and Big Data educational courses.

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