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Dr Yunpeng Cui

Member since: 11/22/2013 - 06:33
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Machine Learning and Data Processing
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Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences
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The majors from undergraduate education to doctoral education include industrial electrical auto control, computer science and technology and crop informatics.Worked in Lanzhou institute of biological products, Gansu Yasheng Group, Beijing academy of agriculture and forestry science, Chinese academy of agriculture science, has engaged in installation and commissioning of automatic control project, enterprise information system design and management, software engineer, software development etc., the research area covers agriculture knowledge management, ontology principle and technology, standards system of agriculture informationization, data mining and business intelligence etc. Participate in more than 10 National 863, science and technology support planning projects, and gained 4 science and technology awards from Beijing, MOA and CAAS. Published 20 papers in domestic and international journals, include 8 EI cited papers and 1 SCI cited.

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