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Mr Wim HUGO Chair

Member since: 02/12/2014 - 09:24
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Systems Architecture - Standards-Driven
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Small and Medium Enterprise
South Africa

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Until recently, Wim Hugo was the Chief Information Officer of the South African Environmental Observation Network. Wim will be joining the World Data System in Tokyo as their Director for Strategy in May 2020. Wim has a master's degree in Chemical Engineering, and many years experience in techno-economic feasibility studies, management consulting, systems engineering and systems architecture. Recent work (10 years) has focused on systems architecture, standards, and systems development in support of scientific data management and preservation. In parallel, Wim has managed projects in South Africa to aid decision and policy support in respect of Global Change - specifically regarding risk and vulnerability and renewable energy. Research interests include Research Graphs, evidence-based decision support and value chains, and automation of trust in the scientific value chain. Chair of the ILTER Information Management Committee. Active in RDA working groups, GEO, and GEOSS. Member of the CoreTrustSeal board.

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