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Member since: 06/25/2019 - 20:09
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Video research in educational science
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Technical head of Teaching Learning Videolab (TLVlab)
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University of Oslo, Faculty of Education, Dep. of Teacher education and School development
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Cand Scient from Dep. of Teached Education and School development, University of Oslo, Faculty of Education Senior Engineer at University of Oslo (UiO) , Faculty of Education (UV), Dep of Teached Education and School development. (ILS) Technical head of the Teaching and Learning Videolab (TLVlab). TLVlab supports reserachers doing video research, primirily within school research, in all aspects of the process, From Application, planning of data collection and analyzis. The lab supports technical solutions for data collections, storage and analyzes with focus on beeing GDPR compliant.

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