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Dr Tomas Lazauskas

Member since: 01/08/2019 - 11:34
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Senior HPC Research Software Engineer
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The Alan Turing Institute
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United Kingdom

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Tomas is a Senior HPC Research Software Engineer at The Alan Turing Institute. He has a PhD in Mathematical Sciences from Loughborough University, which involved developing and applying novel computer simulation techniques to model radiation effects in materials. Tomas’s focus is developing reliable, scalable and reusable software that aims to solve challenging computational problems. He is particularly interested in cloud and high performance computing (HPC) and is the lead on the HPC side of things. Before joining the Turing, Tomas was Research Associate at UCL, helping to develop, maintain, and optimise in-house HPC software to perform complex simulations and turn terabytes of results' data into useful information. He also has experience working as a programmer in the commercial sector and creating mobile applications and financial modelling tools as an independent developer.

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