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Dr Tilemachos Koliopoulos

Member since: 03/07/2017 - 21:00
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Engineering and Technology - Social Sciences/ICT's - g.i.s - other social sciences
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Academia/Telegeco Research Center
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University of West Attica - Telegeco Research Center
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He completed his PhD research in numerical modeling and IT's applications for risk assessment and decision making at Strathclyde University in the U.K. He has been researcher, scientific and laboratory collaborator at Technological Educational Institute of Athens / University of West Attica in Greece during the last two decades. He has worked also for the National Agricultural Research Foundation in Athens in Greece. He has participated in several Open Access and Open data - related activities. Currently he is working as managing director at Telegeco Research Center in Greece, url: www.telegeco.gr. He has worked in the past for several research funded national and international projects. He has university graduate and postgraduate degrees in civil - environmental engineering; environmental studies - IT's and economics. His research interests are in I.C.T's - web g.i.s; data processing; numerical modeling; quantitative analysis; econometrics; decision making; and proper data management for efficient designs that provide sustainable development; productivity of land uses; sustainable socioeconomics; agricultural economy and public health - environmental protection.

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