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Ms Sarah Hadley

Member since: 04/11/2019 - 03:16
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Open science/open access programmes
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Deputy Director CBMRT
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Center for Biomedical Research Transparency
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United States

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The Center for Biomedical Research Transparency (CBMRT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to increase transparency in biomedical research reporting. We aim to ensure that all high-quality biomedical research results - including negative and inconclusive results - are accessible to researchers and clinicians in the interests of patient safety and research efficiency. Better science is the driving force behind all that CBMRT does and our projects are designed to yield significant positive outcomes within discrete timeframes across the biomedical field. Our Null Hypothesis (H0) project involves partnering with major scholarly societies and journal publishers to publish annual journal supplements - titled H0 - in several different therapeutic areas. H0 is a home for well-designed yet negative or inconclusive studies, and replication work that is traditionally more challenging to publish. CBMRT also hosts a 5-year BMTS series in both the US and Europe to connect and engage diverse stakeholders across the research funding and output reporting environment on a global scale. The Summits fill a niche in that there is no other global stakeholder meeting in biomedical research that covers all key transparency issues and developments and is provided free of charge to maximize connections/collaboration amongst early career researchers, patient advocate groups with a research focus, government, industry, academia and non-profits.

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