Sadia Vancauwenbergh

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Dr Sadia Vancauwenbergh

Professional Title: Programme Manager/Project Manager
Other: Head Information Management and Data-analysis

Primary domain: Data and classification governance ; standards ; CRIS

Organization name: ECOOM / Hasselt University

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Hasselt - Belgium

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Dr. Sadia Vancauwenbergh graduated at KU Leuven as MSc in Biomedical Sciences, after which she obtained a PhD in Medical Sciences and a MSc of management in the Public Sector at UAMS. Next she took the position of research manager in the VIB Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Antwerp, headed by Prof. Dr. Christine Van Broeckhoven. During this time, Dr. Vancauwenbergh assisted around 100 scientists with their research, from the writing of grant proposals to the realisation of research output., i.e. publications and research data. After this, she moved to ECOOM/Hasselt University where she's currently heading the Information management and data-analysis section of the Research Coordination Office. With this respect, she participates in the VLIR Working Group on Research Data Management and Open Science. In addition, Dr. Vancauwenbergh leads the workpackage on 'Classification and data governance' of the Expertise Centre of Research & Development monitoring, on the assignment of the Flemish Government. This workpackage specifically focus on the reduction of research administration by semantically harmonizing research information from a wide variety of (interoperable) CRIS-systems into the Flanders Research Information Space ( Furthermore, Dr. Vancauwenbergh is Executive Board Member Standards and Classifications for EuroCRIS

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TAB Liaison: Isabelle Perseil
Status: Completed
TAB Liaison: Francoise Genova