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Dr Antonio Rosato

Member since: 10/24/2013 - 15:04
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Structural Biology
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University of Florence
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Sesto Fiorentino

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Antonio Rosato, born in 1971, graduated in Chemistry in 1995 (110/110 cum laude), and received his PhD in Chemistry in 1998 at the University of Florence. Ricercatore at the University of Florence from 1999 to 2002, Associate Professor at the University of Florence, Faculty of Sciences, since 2002. He has received the "Premio Nazionale Federchimica" in 1996, the Prize "Sapio NMR Junior" in 2001 and the Prizes "Gastone De Santis" and "Raffaello Nasini", both from the Italian Chemical Society, in 2005 and 2009 respectively. Metalloproteins are the main focus of his research activities. Antonio Rosato has developed innovative methodologies for the study via NMR of the solution structure of paramagnetic metalloproteins, and for the investigation of the determinants of the thermodynamic stability of the fold of these systems through the combination of various biophysical methods. He is actively working on the implementation of bioinformatic research on metalloproteins, including their identification in the genomes, the prediction of their structure and of their interactions of biological relevance. He is involved in an international collaboration funded by the European Commission (WeNMR,, which provides access via the web to software tools for the analysis of NMR data and uses a grid computational infrastructure. He has investigated the role of the human Menkes and Wilson ATPases in copper homeostasis. Antonio Rosato co-authored about 80 articles on scientific journals of international renown and book chapters. He has contributed to the determination of the structure in solution of around thirty metalloproteins.

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