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Mrs Robin Ruggaber

Member since: 09/20/2013 - 16:16
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IT Specialist/IT Architect
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Information Technology/Higher Ed & Research Libraries
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Director for Strategic Technology Partnerships & Initiatives
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University of Virginia
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Charlotteville, VA
United States

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Robin is the Director for Strategic Technology Partnerships & Initiatives for the University of Virginia Library. As a founding member of the Fedora, Blacklight, Samvera and Academic Preservation Trust communities, UVa has a long standing commitment to evolving digital stewardship technologies and practices. Robin serves in a strategic or technical advisory capacity in these types of technical collaborations, forges new partnerships, and serves as a technology consultant within UVa and across higher education. Robin's career spans across industry, federal and state agencies with deepest expertise in directing the design and development of strategies and systems to solve complex problems and meet organization objectives. Robin has worked with UVa for 25 years in central computing and more recently UVa's Research Library. Robin is drawn to work in digital stewardship due to the complex challenges facing the community and the opportunity to protect availability and open access to intellectual and cultural knowledge.

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