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Dr Morufu Olalekan Raimi

Member since: 04/05/2023 - 20:07
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Environmental Epidemiology, Climate Change and Human Health, Pollution Control Management
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Niger Delta University
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Raimi Morufu Olalekan is currently the Technical adviser to the Executive Secretary, Bayelsa State Primary Health Care Board. His current research interests focus on environmental epidemiology, pollution control management, hydrogeochemistry, groundwater pollution, groundwater quality, health risk assessment, water and gender, chemicals & health, environmental public health policy & practice, environmental justice & health equity, physical activity & environment, noise & health, building health & resilient communities, children’s environmental health, emerging fields in environmental health, energy systems & policy, food & the environment, nature & human health, clean air, water & soil, climate change & human health, health impact assessment, water pollution and management, environmental impact assessment, waste management, institutional capacity building, policy and governance issues, environmental management, risk and vulnerability assessment, hazard mitigation, and resilience building. His taught courses include: Anthropogenic climate, Introduction to Environmental Health, Waste Management, Environmental Air Pollution and Human Health, Environmental Land Pollution and Human Health, Demography, Disaster Management, The Socio-Economic Environment, Biological and Physical Environment etc. Olalekan has served as a keynote speaker in many International and Local Conferences and has attended a number of certified educational seminars, participants of numerous symposiums in Nigeria and abroad. He has successfully supervised more than (5) Master degrees’ candidates and currently supervising a number of Master degree candidates.

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