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Member since: 05/31/2017 - 00:00
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IT Specialist/IT Architect
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Data and Communications Standards
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Aerospace Consultant
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Government/Public Services
Huntsville, AL
United States

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NASA Contractor (2 years) and NASA Civil Serivice (34 years) retiree, now an Aerospace Consultant, and volunteer in several standards and non-profit groups. Most applicable one to RDA work is CCSDS Digital Archive Ingest Working Group which develops world-wide digital preservation standards (e.g. OAIS). During the last 8 years with NASA, Mr. Kearney was Chairman and General Secretary of CCSDS. Prior to that he worked at 3 NASA centers, mostly in the Mission Control arena, and in international negotiations between nations to support the complex of Mission Control Centers for the International Space Station.

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