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Dr Martin Krallinger

Member since: 03/07/2017 - 14:19
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Biomedicine, Life Sciences, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, AI, medical informatics, bioinformatics
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Head of Text Mining Unit
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Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
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Dr. Martin Krallinger is an expert in the field of biomedical text data mining. He has been working in this and related research topics since more than ten years, which resulted in over 60 publications, book chapters and review papers. He has organized text mining tutorials and lectures at various international events, as well as several Spanish hospitals and universities. Among the specific research questions that he has addressed during his scientific career are biomedical named entity recognition and annotation standards (chemical compounds and mutations), information extraction systems (adverse reactions, protein-interactions), semantic annotation of documents with biomedical ontology concepts, text-mining assisted biocuration workflows, interoperability standards and formats for text annotations (BioC) and text-bound annotation infrastructures (MyMiner). He also participated in the development of the first biomedical text annotation meta-server (Biocreative metaserver - BCMS) and is one of the main organizers of BioCreative community assessment challenges for the evaluation of biomedical natural language processing tools. He has been involved in text-mining related activities for several European projects, including DIAMONDS, MICROME, eTOX and OpenMinted.

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