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Data portals
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ICOS Carbon Portal and Lund University, Sweden
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Dr Maggie Hellström works at the ICOS Carbon Portal, the data center of the European research infrastructure Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS). Maggie has a background in experimental nuclear chemistry & nuclear physics, with a MSC from the Royal Institute of Technology,Stockholm in 1988 and a PhD from Uppsala university in 1992. She has worked at several nuclear physics institutes in the US, Germany and Sweden, and holds an Associated Professorship at Lund university. Since 2010, Maggie has been involved in greenhouse gas and environmental science projects including the Swedish national ICOS initiative. In 2013, she joined the ICOS Carbon Portal team, where she is now engaged in research data management issues. From 2018, she is connected to the Swedish National Data service as an environmental & earth sciences domain specialist. Her main interests are identification & citation, persistent identifiers and FAIRness. She participates in a range of RDA working groups, and is also a co-chair of RDA Europe's GEDE expert group. She was recently appointed as Open Data Champion by SPARC Europe.

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