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Prof Maggie Walter Chair

Member since: 05/31/2017 - 01:00
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Indigenous statistics
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Pro Vice Chancellor Aboriginal Research and Leadership
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University of Tasmania
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Maggie Walter (PhD) is member of the Briggs/Johnson Tasmanian Aboriginal family, descended from the pairrebenne people of North Eastern Tasmania. She is also Professor of Sociology and Pro Vice-Chancellor of Aboriginal Research and Leadership at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Maggie’s scholarly obsessions centre around Indigenous inequalities and Indigenous methodologies, especially Indigenous statistics to change the narrative (and the policy focus) on that inequality. Maggie’s current funded research projects include explorations of how Indigenous children are strong in education and in health. Both projects involve statistical analysis and are guided by Aboriginal definitions of a good education and good health. She is also part of a team investigating Australian race relations from the Aboriginal perspective. She has published extensively in the field of race relations, inequality and research methods and methodologies.

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