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Ms Lindsey Anderson

Member since: 11/08/2021 - 18:19
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Life Sciences/Mass Spectrometry-Based Multi-Omics
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Computational Chemical Biologist (Staff Scientist)
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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Government/Public Services
United States

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Lindsey's research has been dedicated to pursuing innovative discovery-based scientific techniques and approaches for the characterization of novel, targeted and non-targeted, functional metabolic interactions using high-sensitivity omics data capture technologies and innovative bioinformatic tools for advanced in-depth biological investigations. Lindsey’s multidisciplinary expertise in analytical biochemistry and multi-Omics data integration, stem from her extensive research experience as both a chemical biologist and computational scientist working in the Earth and Biological Sciences Directorate at PNNL. Current project work has been focused on scientific research data management and cross-domain data DOI package developments using semantic technologies for multi-omics data linking, integration, and interoperability focused on advancing biological data interpretation.

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