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Ms Lihin Ogana

Member since: 04/10/2019 - 22:27
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Linbex Resources
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Small and Medium Enterprise

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Blessing Lihin is the founder and CEO of Linbex resources, a junior scientific program officer with the Department of Biodiversity, Marine Protection and Conservation who collaborates with academia, civil societies, private sector and other critical/ relevant stakeholders to conduct research towards biodiversity mainstreaming, forests restoration programs for degraded ecosystem to support evidence based policy making. Blessing Lihin is a 27 years old female Nigerian who studied in University of Calabar, Calabar - Nigeria where she dutifully and commendably carried out departmental students administrative duties. With a strong believe in respecting and valuing nature, she has encouraged dwellers to protect this priceless gift. Before devoting her work into full time research, Miss. Lihin served as an aquacultural consultant/breeder to several farms. She had also being involved in several voluntary activities such as water conservation, sustainable agriculture, watershed management and landscaping. She also facilitated entrepreneurship activities and had trained 15 young adults on aquaculture Outside work, she enjoys having conversations with kids age from two years old, she enjoys observing nature and for leisure goes hiking with friends, swimming and tree planting

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