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University of Oslo
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I am a self-taught bioinformatician with a firm background in biology. In my work, I analyse data from high-throughput sequencing instruments, specialising in de novo assembly of small and large genomes. I had a central role in the sequencing and assembly of the Atlantic cod genome. I am employed by the Norwegian Sequencing Centre (Dept. of Biosciences, Univ. of Oslo) as bioinformatician. For my 20% associate professor position at the department of Informatics (Univ. of Oslo), I teach analysis of sequencing data and (co-)supervise PhD and master students. I have an analytical mind that loves problem solving. I value honesty and professionalism, and dislike hype. I believe that sharing and openness will further science more than competition. I choose impact over impact factor. I am a Software Carpentry instructor, teaching computational lab skills to scientists in the Nordic countries. I am an advocate of open source software, and reproducible computational biology. I share my work not only through publications, but also on my science blog at flxlexblog.wordpress.com. My presentations can be found on slideshare (slideshare.com/flxlex), and I am active on twitter (@lexnederbragt).

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