Kisun Pokharel

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Mr Kisun Pokharel

Professional Title: Researcher

Primary domain: Genomics

Organization name: Natural Resource Institute Finland (Luke)

Organization type: Academia/Research

City / Country: Kuopio - Finland

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I am working as a Research Scientist (Bioinformatician) at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and PhD student of Genetics at University of Helsinki. Currently I am analyzing transcriptomic (mRNA-Seq and miRNA-Seq) data from female reproductive tissues of Sheep to identify markers associated with reproductive differences in prolific versus non-prolific breeds. I am also involved in Arctic-Ark project which aims to study animals' adaptation to the Arctic as a complex human-environmental process. For the Arctic-Ark project, I will study gene expression profiles of cattle, horse and reindeer from Eurasia in terms of both the geographic and seasonal differences.

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