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Mrs Hilary Hanahoe Chair

Member since: 04/24/2013 - 14:21
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CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive
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Research Data
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Research Data Alliance
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Other (please specify) - obligatory

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As Secretary General of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) since 2018, Hilary’s responsibilities include leadership of RDA’s membership, effective management of the RDA organization and its legal entity (RDA Foundation), engagement with RDA stakeholders and organisations, and sustainable stewardship of the dynamic, active, and high-impact community. She reports to the RDA leadership Council and works closely with all governance boards and members of the RDA community. She is passionate about the work of the Research Data Alliance and its vibrant community. As part of her role, she raises awareness of the RDA activities and outputs, advocates for new members and increased engagement in the Alliance. She is also involved in the financial and organisational sustainability of RDA on an international level. Prior to becoming Secretary General, she covered a multiple of roles within the Alliance, including the coordinator of the RDA Europe initiative, the Communications and Plenary Manager for the RDA global secretariat. In recent years, she managed the process for the recognition of RDA recommendations as ICT technical specifications in Europe and has considerable experience in community development and data infrastructures specifically in the delivery & implementation of the user-centric communication platform and communications and outreach strategies. Hilary can be contacted: by email: hilary.hanahoe[at]rda-foundation.org by telephone: +393349875702 by skype: hilary.hanahoe She is on Twitter @hilaryhanahoe and LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/hilary-hanahoe

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