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Member since: 01/05/2018 - 08:03
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Ecological Modeller/ Data scientist with expertise on climate change impacts assessments
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International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)
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Henri TONNANG obtained a Bachelor and Master degree in physics before undertaking further master level studies in computer engineering with specialization in data mining and complex systems analysis. He completed postgraduate studies with a PhD in applied mathematics in Agriculture/ Entomology. Henri has experience in carrying out research, establishing and managing multicultural teams of ICT Specialists, Agronomist, Entomologist, Biologist, Plant Pathologist, Plant breeders, Extension workers Soil/ Climate scientists, and Economist to develop next generation of decision making tools, software and mobile phone apps for crops management and to improving agriculture and livestock production. Henri work encompasses the development and application of advanced data analytics and approaches like data/model fusion to enhance agriculture transformation. Tonnang is leading the development of novel ways of using mobile phones and open source servers and apps to collect and process agriculture data at large scale, which are then used to develop, calibrate and validate new apps for high impact delivery in small holders farms. Henri is skillful in conducting and managing innovative and multidisciplinary researches, writing manuscripts and reports. He is an effective communicator writing as well as speaking in French, English and Spanish languages. Henri research further focus on developing algorithms for data reconstruction from published articles. Tonnang is an advocate of open source information. He is an active member of the GYA (Global Young Academy) where he serves in various committees and co-lead the global access to research software (GARS) group, which is a part of the Open Science working group.

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