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Dr Gnana Bharathy Chair

Member since: 07/12/2021 - 00:03
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Modelling, Simulation, Data Management
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Research Data Specialist (AI/ML)
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Australian Research Data Commons
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Government/Public Services

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A combination of practitioner, researcher and educator, who strives to connect the dots, uncover insights amidst complexity and uncertainty, and co-create innovative solutions to socially relevant problems. A bridge between business and academic worlds in AI/ ML/ Data Science/ Modelling space. In the industry, I have experience in building data science functions from ground-up, co-creating & delivering innovative yet practical products/ services, as well as building, mentoring and managing teams. In academia, have carried out research, mentored students to achieve tangile research and product outcomes, and have taught large subjects in a studio format.

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