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Dr Gabriela Carrara

Member since: 05/10/2019 - 15:13
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managing dataset, seismic data processing, bathymetric data processing, scientific cruise organization, marine geological data manager, multidisciplinar scientific project manager.
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Marine geologist and geoscientist
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I'm a marine geologist PhD. My experiences are based on operational work at sea focused on marine geological/geophysical/oceanographical data acquisition, their integration, processing and interpretation. I was involved in a number of international projects (and related marine surveys) in the major oceanic domains such as Atlantic transform faults, triple junctions, hot spots, passive margins, back-arc basins. Experience in handling unexpected problems in a fast and efficient way. More than 15 years of significant working experience, has improved adaptation capabilities and management skills. I currently work as fixed term researcher at Proambiente scrl (Bologna Italy) inside the regional project INFORMARE ( Now I have a contract at Bologna CNR Research Area Library in the field of open science and education

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