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Dr Elena Battaner Moro

Member since: 09/16/2021 - 14:05
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Senior Lecturer in Linguistics
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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
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Elena Battaner Moro holds a degree in Hispanic Philology (1997) and a PhD in Linguistics (2002) from the University of Salamanca. She is currently a tenured Associate Professor of General Linguistics at Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain). Her main lines of research focus on Digital Humanities, lexicology, linguistic historiography, and phonology and phonetics. In these areas, Dr. Battaner has authored or co-authored more than 40 books, articles, and book chapters, and she has delivered invited talks and presented research papers in National and International Conferences. She has also been a member in several Committees of National and International Conferences, and she is reviewer and editor in chief of journals in these áreas (currently, the Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Historiografía Lingüística (https://zenodo.org/communities/bsehl/?page=1&size=20; see also http://www.sehl.es/boletiacuten.html).). She has also received funding to carry out different research projects in the history of Hispanic linguistics.

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