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Dr Dugald McGlashan

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Dugald brings more than 15 years of experience in journal editing and publishing to INLEXIO. After earning a PhD from Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) and undertaking a postdoc at CNRS (Roscoff, France), Dugald took full editorial responsibility for one, then two, biology journals with CSIRO Publishing. After a year as Senior Publishing Manager with Springer in Dordrecht (Netherlands), he was appointed Publisher at Nature Publishing Group, based in Melbourne, Australia. He led teams based in Japan, China, UK and Australia to manage and launch academic journals in the Asia-Pacific. He and his team developed, acquired and built a large portfolio of titles across a broad range of subjects including biology, medicine, physics and chemistry. Dugald’s work on the scope, editorial foundations and business model of journals such as Light: Science & Applications and NPG Asia Materials was instrumental in forming the basis of the Nature Partner Journals (npj) program. From 2008 to 2013, Dugald also led NPG’s then-nascent language editing service.

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