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Ms Deborah Garwood

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Data Curation
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Research Fellow
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Drexel University
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United States

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Deborah A. Garwood is a second year doctoral student in the Information Science program at Drexel University's College of Computing and Informatics. Ms. Garwood's research interests are Data Curation, Archives, and Metadata. Affiliated with Drexel's Metadata Research Center, she has presented exploratory research on ISO-15489:2016 and DMPTool. In 2018-2019 Ms. Garwood co-authored with advisor Alex H. Poole five papers on publicly-funded, interdisciplinary research projects (Digging into Data Challenge Round 3). In 2016 she presented a paper on digital curation at the Society of American Archivists in Atlanta, and a poster on at the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications in Copenhagen, Denmark. A graduate of Oberlin College, Ms. Garwood holds a Master of Science degree in Library & Information Science from Drexel University and a Master of Fine Arts from Hunter College, CUNY.

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