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Mr Benard Onyuka

Member since: 07/04/2018 - 16:05
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Strategic Business Development
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Research Coordinator
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Coast Institute of Technology
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Benard Ochieng Onyuka is a Senior Lecturer at Coast Institute of Technology and a Part Time Lecturer at Taita Taveta University. He holds an MBA (Finance) from Kenyatta University Kenya. He is keen in strategic policy development that is trans-formative and innovative. Benard sees the future of the world in the hands of the youth and hence has done extensive research on youth empowerment through structured credit facilities that meet the diverse characteristics of the youth. The motivation is premised on the belief that the majority of the world's population resides in the youth. their collective productivity is likely to enhance wealth creation which hence will contribute to the attainment of the world's Sustainable Development Goals and so address the challenges on climate change. Mr. Ochieng now heads research department at Coast Institute of Technology and has assembled a capable team that can enhance the participation of the Institute in the realization of the SDGs. The fields of potential interests include Agriculture and Mining. Mr. Ochieng remains focused and welcomes collaborates and affiliates that will lead to the noble objective making the world a much better place.

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