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Dr Adam Belloum

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Computer Science
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Adam S.Z. Belloum received the MSc and PhD degrees from the Compiegne University of Technology, France. He started his research activities in 1992; he first worked in the area of designing parallel computers (VLSI design). In 1997, he moved to The Netherlands were he was leading the research activities in the area of Web caching until the year 1999. Since 2003, he has ben focusing on workflow management systems for e-Science. He published more than 70 articles in international conferences and journals and was involved in managing three research projects: JERA project (1997-1999), the Virtual laboratory AMsterdam (1999-2002) and the Virtual laboratory for eScience (2004-2009). He is involved in a number of research projects related to e-Science, Grid, and Cloud namely gSLM (2010-2012), VPH-Share (2011-2015), COMMIT (2011-2017).

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