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Prof Leanne Wiseman

Member since: 11/03/2016 - 03:08
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Intellectual Property
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Associate Director of Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture
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Griffith University
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Leanne Wiseman is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Professor of Law at Griffith University, Brisbane Australia and Chair of the Australian Repair Network. Leanne is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research lies at the intersections of law, science and digital technologies. Her current research expertise focuses on the intersection between law and new technologies, with particular attention to the intersection of law with big data and digital technologies. She has most recently focused on the legal and trust issues (including privacy and security) arising from the adoption and uptake of digital technologies in agricultural industries in national and international contexts. Leanne was the lead Legal researcher on a large Australian Commonwealth Government funded research grant: Accelerating Precision Agriculture to Decision Agriculture, 2016-2018. The collaborative project designed a solution for the use of big data in agriculture increasing the profitability of producers, providing clarity about data ownership and access rights, and improving digital strategies and governance within Australian agriculture. Her current research focusses on balancing IP rights with genuine access to information, whether that be in agricultural digital technologies or more generally. She is currently researching legal and regulatory responses to the emerging International Right to Repair movement, with particular interest of its impact within agriculture.

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