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Dr Angus Roberts

Member since: 11 August 2016
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Natural Language Processing
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Senior Research Fellow
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University of Sheffield
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United Kingdom

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Angus Roberts is a Senior Research Fellow in The University of Sheffield's Natural Language Processing group in the Department of Computer Science. His main research interests are: extraction of meaning from biomedical texts, such as medical records and medical research papers; and text mining software and infrastructure. He am a member of the GATE team, for which he leads life science related work. GATE is a widely used software platform and framework for large-scale text mining and language engineering. It is used in the life sciences by medical record software companies, pharmaceutical companies, genetics researchers, and many others. Angus Roberts originally trained and worked as a Biomedical Scientist (1986 - 1995), before working as a software developer and development manager, mainly in the UK National Health Service (1995 - 1999). This led to an interest in medical terminologies, ontologies, and the language of medical text. He worked as a researcher with Alan Rector in the Medical Informatics Group at the University of Manchester (1999 - 2002), before studying for a PhD with Rob Gaizauskas in Sheffield (2012), and working as a researcher in Sheffield (from 2006).

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