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Ms Hilda Kruger

Member since: 05/27/2016 - 16:24
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Business Analysis
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Manager: Research Information Systems
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Stellenbosch University
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Cape Town
South Africa

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The role of Manager: Research and Community Interaction Systems involves: relationship management, liaison and co-ordination between the Information Technology Division and the two main client groups, namely the research community (the Division for Research Development, the researchers and other stakeholders) as well as the Social Impact Division; the management of projects for the development of information systems for the clients; responsibility for coordinating the operation of information systems for the clients; needs analyses of clients and the documentation thereof; business analyses and the set-up of specifications for new systems, as well as improvements to existing systems; liaison, coordination, and resource planning within the Information Technology Division in order to ensure that systems are developed and integrated with the other systems of the University according to IT architecture standards. Formerly Lecturer in Socio-Informatics (Stellenbosch University), and Global Taxonomy Manager (PwC)

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