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Ms Emily Rowe

Member since: 29 April 2016
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International Development (2006-2013)
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Lunchtime Supervisor
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St Johns School
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Government/Public Services
United Kingdom

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I'm Emily I love horses and have lessons at my local RDA centre in Warwick. In 2013 I contracted cerebral malaria whilst working as a consultant in South Sudan. I used to represent about 6000 NGOs workers to local and international government. The malaria almost killed me, but I'm a fighter! I spent two weeks in a coma, had double pneumonia, kidney failure and a cardiac arrest. (There's more!) After about 5 months in hospital in Kenya and then the UK I left and continued my rehabilitation from home. Since then I've improved massively. At first I lost the ability to speak and would blink or wiggle my toes for yes or no. Over the last two years I've done short road running races, done a skydive, sailed across the Atlantic, recently moved into my own flat and have got a part time job. As well as physical coordination and strength challenges I also have brain damage. This mainly affects my memory, ability to multi task and concentrate and my speech. I see the silver lining in this dark cloud of 'disaster.' Previously I had a high pressure job and worked very long hours in unstable, conflict affected countries overseas. Now I'm able to enjoy being closer to friends and family and have the amazing opportunity to spend time with horses! It's wonderful :)

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