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Member since: 04/21/2016 - 20:11
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EU legislation
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Vision & Values SPRL
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Small and Medium Enterprise

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2015: Owner and founder of company called Vision & Values SPRL, located in Brussels. The mission of the company is to help different stakeholders, to analyze long term trends (PESTLE) and support strategic turn to implement state of art technology and legislation. 10 years experience 2004-14 as member of the European Parliament, VP of the S&D group Experience in Hight Tech, ICT and industrial and energy legislation, and in EU Budget and institutional issues. 10 years in private sector, worked as a regional sales manager for CEE at company National Starch and Chemical ( member of Unilever Chemicals and ICI group) 10 years at University of Horticulture as assistant lecturer in Wine and Fermentation department 1985 MSc Food Engineer

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