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Dr Lori Jahnke

Member since: 02/02/2016 - 20:03
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Anthropology, Social Sciences
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Anthropology Librarian
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Emory University
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United States

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Lori Jahnke is the Anthropology Librarian at Emory University. She holds a PhD in Biological Anthropology and her research interests include the biological impact of colonization and social stratification, the ancient Andes, and non-textual systems of information organization and communication. Lori also contributes to several research data curation projects and was a Research Lead for the Sloan sponsored CLIR/DLF study on data management practices among university researchers. In support of her research in anthropology and information science, Lori has been awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Lewis and Clark Fund at the American Philosophical Society, the Field Museum of Natural History, and the Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies. She has presented at numerous conferences including the Coalition for Networked Information, the Digital Library Federation Forum, American Association of Physical Anthropologists, the Society for American Archaeology, and the American Anthropological Association.

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