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Prof John Leonard

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Chemical reaction data/ ELNs
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RSC/ Cadence Consultants
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Other (please specify) - obligatory
United Kingdom

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I spent seventeen years as an academic scientist, eventually becoming a Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, before joining AstraZeneca to work in Chemical Development, where I spent 15 years developing synthetic routes and process for new drug APIs. I was also responsible for introducing ELNs into chemical development at AZ and actively involved in a number of major projects to make better use of chemical reaction and process data. I recently retired from AZ and I’m now working as a consultant. Currently, I am primarily working with the Royal Society of Chemistry as an Industry Associate, engaged in developing more effective ways that academic and industrial researchers can collaborate together in areas of research and development that are pre-competitive. The focus of these activities is providing sustainable models for small molecule research and development. I was also an active steering group member of the Dial-a-Molecule Network and as part of the legacy of that I’m involved with a number of groups, working towards capturing robust chemical reaction data and developing better ways to derive knowledge from it.

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