Denis Huschka

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Mr Denis Huschka

Professional Title: CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive
Other: M.A.

Primary domain: strategic development of data infrastructure, policy advice, find-ability of data

Organization name: German Data Forum/ RatSWD

Organization type: Government/Public Services

City / Country: Berlin - Germany

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Denis Huschka, born 1975, studied sociology and political science in Berlin. He is managing director of the German Data Forum (RatSWD), a federal governmental advisory board. As a sociologist, he is interested in social and economic data and he works towards a better infrastructure to find and to share data. He has been an entrepreneur since 2010, when he founded the GWI Science Policy and Infrastructure Development Ltd. Huschka is a member of several (scientific) organizations. He is engaged as an editor and publisher, a policy adviser, consulted different projects during the FIFA world cup 2010 and occasionally publishes articles in daily newspapers. He has acted as an expert partner for journalists. He also serves at the chancellors advisory group on how to measure societal development. Huschka is a permanent visiting fellow at SOEP / DIW Berlin and a research associate at Rhodes University.

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