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Mr Nick Jones

Professional Title: CEO/Managing Director/Chief Executive

Primary domain: Information Sciences

Organization name: New Zealand eScience Infrastructure

Organization type: Government/Public Services

City / Country: Auckland - New Zealand

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Nick is the Director of the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure, a comprehensive eScience investment for the New Zealand research sector. Nick is on the advisory and governance boards of a range of research and infrastructure organisations, including Chair of the Board, NZ SKA Alliance, and the Centre of Methods and Policy Application in the Social Sciences. Nick has managed and led a diverse portfolio of projects to deliver capability and infrastructures, including in escience, high performance computing, grid computing, federated identity management, storage network design and simulation, e-learning and assessment systems development, amoung others. While focused on research and industry applications of advance ICT, Nick has mentored students and consulted with industry on their technology strategies, with a particular focus being developing Technology Roadmapping skills and capabilities within fast growth IT companies.

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